• To provide opportunities for children to grow in a Christian environment which will include Bible stories, verses and songs.

  • To encourage independence in a variety of activities and situations.

  • To learn appropriate behavior for a variety of situations, which will include individual as well as group activities.

  • To help children find acceptable outlets for their emotions.

  • To learn and practice fine and gross motor skills through encouragement and supervision.

  • To expose children to developmentally appropriate literature in order to promote communication of ideas, thinking, imagination, language development, and stimulate listening skills.

  • To encourage the exploration of the world around us through science, social studies and math activities.

  • To encourage math skills through sorting, classifying, and measuring during both structured and unstructured activities.

  • To explore and create with a variety of art materials.

  • To provide opportunities to hear many kinds of music and to sing, move, relax, and respond in other ways to music.

  • To promote awareness of colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.

  • To encourage and monitor appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills.